Featured Listing is among the most popular websites in California for searching for property. Email or call 775-284-1294 ext 11 for a demonstration.

Aside from our long history of delivering our advertised properties to the intranet, we have long invested in search engine optimization and other key website practices to maximize the visibility of your listings.

Each of our market centers (magazine regions) averages 2000 people a day - providing us with an opportunity to show your listing to 2000 prospective customers!

There are only 10 spots available per magazine, and they are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have a spot, you are welcome to keep it as long as you like.

How it works - when someone selects your listing, they are directed to your website to view the listing. Alternatively, they can e-mail you to request a showing or more information directly from our website.

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