Broker Websites offers a variety of broker website solutions tailored to meet the goals and objectives of your office, your agents, and your business model. Contact us for a demonstration today. Email or call 775-284-1294 ext 11 for a demonstration.

Our small office solutions are an expanded version of our agent websites. The key difference is that there is an administrative utility for adding and removing agents. This is a perfect solution to offices with 25 agents or less. Pricing includes e-mail hosting for all of the agents and start $4000.

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For 25-150 agent offices, our solutions start at $6500 and include a corporate intranet with basic functionality for running a single or multi-office brokerage. Agents are able to see floor schedules, share commonly used documents, office listing summary and a host of other features that help a broker share information with a larger group of agents.

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For offices of 150 agents or more, we have enhanced functionality on the broker intranet to solve significant problems in advertising coordination and submission; lead routing, management and reporting; local office co-branded websites, agent co-branded websites, sharing information across enterprise networks. We can also offer nationwide property search solutions and custom applications to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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