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Privacy Policy

I. What information is collected?

Personal Information:
We may require personal contact information and home information from some of our members. The information is used to effectively and accurately create, maintain, and display Homes Magazine's classified services. The required home information varies with each site of the Homes Magazine network depending on the industry and its relevant data.

Some sites in the Homes Magazine network utilize cookies in order to provide members and merchants with a more personalized experience by remembering who you are when you revisit the site. Cookies also track visitor activity and traffic patterns among the sites so that we can identify users' interests and behavior. With this information, we can improve existing user services and develop new products appropriate for our audience.

II. How is the information collected?

Some members are requested to submit personal and home information using the online Email Notify, place a listing and other online services. Users unwilling to pass personal information online can choose to work with a sales representative or customer service representative to utilize member services.

III. How information will be used?

Resale and Disclosure of Information
Homes Magazine reserves the right to sell or disclose some personal information collected on our site to third parties. We may provide third parties with non-exclusive, limited use Homes Magazine's collected information in order for the third party to promote and market the third party's service. Any right of the third party to distribute, transfer, transmit, or re-sell Homes Magazine's information is prohibited.

Privacy of Homes Magazine Email Lists
We collect and record personal information in order to maintain email lists. We utilize the emails to keep members informed of the site services, site performance, promotions, and offer information regarding industry related services and products.

IV. User choices in receiving and distribution of information

Homes Magazine Email Lists
Real estate professionals may receive monthly emails informing them of special promotions and advertising tips. Real estate professionals wishing not receive the mailer can send a request via email to be removed from the mailing list. Real estate professional members automatically receive an email to confirm their placement on our site and to give them the necessary information to edit and delete their classified ads. They also receive notification of ad renewal opportunities. Homes Magazine reserves the right to include third party advertisements that provide additional services to members in the confirmation emails.

Third Party Distribution
Real estate professionals may receive information directly from third parties that have related services. Real Estate professionals that do not wish to receive the third party information can opt-out of the service at the time they place an ad with Homes Magazine. Third parties receive only the needed personal information in order to effectively target members' needs and interests. Third parties have non-exclusive, limited use of the information provided by Homes magazine. Any right of the third party to distribute, transfer, transmit, or re-sell Homes Magazine's information is prohibited.

Refund Policy
These fees are not refundable under any circumstances