The Inaugural Central Coast Luxury Sustainable Home Competition

Have you ever thought about how much money you would have saved down the road if you would have invested in a sustainable home design? Imagine your electricity bill being almost non-existent or not having to use your heater or air conditioner to make your home comfortable during those hot and cold months. All of this can be accomplished by using sustainable design to build or upgrade your home.  Sustainable design is a concept that is taking off in the U.S. and numerous people are beginning to see the many benefits that it has for their future. That being said, I am happy to announce that the Central Coast Homes Magazine has teamed up with Grandberry Financial and to introduce to you the inaugural Central Coast Luxury Sustainable Home Competition. For this competition we are asking for people to come forward who might be interested in either having their home built or upgraded in a sustainable manner by using their lend-able equity to fund this process. The mission of this competition is to provide a vehicle for the client to build with “sustainability” as the cornerstone of the design process. Sustainable design is a design philosophy incorporating architectural design and product selection that contributes to social well-being, makes sound economic sense, and has negligible impact on the environment while at the same time creating a lasting very unique sense of style and consciousness. It also incorporates the idea of utilizing existing, proven design concepts and product technology.San Marcos exterior Grandberry Financial wants to make sure that they deliver a service and product that has sound long term investment and pay back potential while at all times helping the environment with a design criteria that reflects your tastes, choices and ultimate peace of mind. Great home design should enhance the value of each environment, make optimal use of space, elicit an environmentally sustainable mindset, and use less energy with existing technology and design philosophy than currently used today. That is precisely the reason we are putting on the Central Coast Luxury Sustainable Home Competition. Each qualified candidate will also receive a Paso Robles vacation package offered to you by You can access more information on the Central Coast Luxury Sustainable Home Competition by visiting the following website or by contacting Brian Braithwaite from Grandberry Financial at 714-975-0104.