April Sales Totals in Southern Santa Barbara County by Jeff Reeves of Village Properites Montecito

April Sales in Southern SB County Here's a quick update.  There is a lot of refinancing occuring, however sales are still sluggish.  This month should be better then last month, however I imagine the number of units sold will still be lower then last year.  The next few months (through Septemeber) is our busiest time of year.  Be aware sales slow down in October through February. There are some great opportunities out there and some very desperate sellers.  If you are a buyer you have a huge advantage as sellers realize they have to move on price if they want to sell their home. CARPINTERIA - Total Sales 10 - Avg $1,532,227 GOLETA - Total Sales 22 - Avg $535,795 ISLA VISTA - Total Sales 2 - Avg $961,000 SANTA BARBARA - Total Sales 56 - Avg $920,402 HOPE RANCH - Total Sales 1 - Avg $2,800,000 MONTECITO - Total Sales 12 - Avg $1,993,167 SUMMERLAND - Total Sales 3 - Avg $1,300,000 If you are interested in any additional information please feel free to email me at JRinSB@Cox.net or call me at (805) 689 2058. Best regards, Jeff Reeves